A new Version of the MonoBrick Firmware has been uploaded

I have just upload a the first official version of the MonoBrick Firmware. I hope you enjoy. More info will follow in the next couple of days. But the firmware now has support for USB. Please follow this link for

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Just merge master to release branch

The next release of the MonoBrick Firmware will be available the coming week…

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.Net Firmware for the EV3 now available

The first release of the MonoBrick firmware can now be downloaded. The MonoBrick EV3 firmware is a firmware replacement that allows you to program and debug the  EV3 brick using the open source .Net framework called Mono. This let’s you

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Forums added

Since I spend a lot of time answering comments, emails and social requests I have decided to added a forum. I hope you enjoy!

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MonoBrick EV3 firmware demonstration at AspIT

Last weekend at AspIT I held a seminar on the MonoBrick communication library and the upcoming MonoBrick EV3 firmware replacement. The students at AspIT will be using MonoBrick EV3 firmware and the MonoBrick communication library to program the EV3 in

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MonoBrick communication library guide on Linux by Bruno Hautzenberger

Bruno Hautzenberger did a nice guide on using a Bluetooth connection on Linux with the MonoBrick communication library. You can see the guide at guide by Bruno Hautzenberger. An english google translated version can be found here.

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Controlling the EV3 with the NXT

Hans Odenthal over at  Sioux.NET has created a nifty C# program that makes it possible to send data between the NXT and EV3. Nice work!

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New version of MonoBrick library with USB fix for Visual Studio

I just uploaded a new version of the MonoBrick communication library. The new version includes a fix for USB when compiling a EV3 program in Visual Studio.

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MonoBrick source code is now included in the download

The source code for MonoBrick is now available. When downloading the MonoBrick test project the source code is now included. This might help problems that some users have had when compiling with Visual Studio 2012 on Windows. MonoBrick can be

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New version of the MonoBrick communication library with supports for the EV3

A new version of the MonoBrick communication library has been uploaded. The new version supports the new EV3 brick. With the library you can remote control the brick from Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone and Android. The library supports

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