New version of MonoBrick library with USB fix for Visual Studio

I just uploaded a new version of the MonoBrick communication library. The new version includes a fix for USB when compiling a EV3 program in Visual Studio.

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3 comments on “New version of MonoBrick library with USB fix for Visual Studio
  1. Author Image Jorge Monagas says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded new Monobrick librery with USB fix for VS, but still having connection issues for USB. It can’t open an USB connection, neither the already compiled TestApplication nor a new fresh compilation with VS2010 (under Windows 8.1).

    Bluetooth connection works perfectly.

    Any suggestion ?


    • Hi

      Thanks for using MonoBrick and good to hear that you are able to use Bluetooth. Please write what exception (including inner exceptions) that you are getting when you run the program.

      I don’t know if it is related but Another user emailed with this:

      …It turns out that if I just press “Continue” on this exception, the application actually
      continues and works. If I then just execute the compiled
      TestApplication.exe outside Visual Studio, I do not see the exception. So
      this must be a “minor” exception of some kind which only shows up when you
      have a debugger attached.

      The hidapi.dll in Lego software is different (binary) from yours, but if I
      try to replace yours with Legos, I get the exact same result.

      Oh well, it is working now at least, but I cannot understand why I get
      this exception when running the test project in Visual Studio and you do
      not,… :o )

      Anyway, thanks for your support on all this! :o )

      Please let me know how it goes

      • Author Image Jorge Monagas says:


        In fact, there is no exception at all. It just outputs a message through the console window saying…

        Error: Failed to open connection
        Press any key to end…

        But no exception. I can see and work the robot from the LEGO sw environment through the USB connection, so it is connected ok. But with the “TestApplication.exe” the above message is what I get when trying it through USB.

        Thanks for your support and regards.

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