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New version of the MonoBrick communication library with supports for the EV3

A new version of the MonoBrick communication library has been uploaded. The new version supports the new EV3 brick. With the library you can remote control the brick from Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone and Android. The library supports

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MonoBrick Remote is now available for Android

The MonoBrick remote for android uses a Bluetooth connection and let’s you control the direction and speed of a vehicle by placing your finger on a circle. While driving you can make the phone “read” sensor values aloud. Furthermore the

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MonoBrick Tunnel For Android Video

Just uploaded a video that demonstrates the use of the MonoBrick Tunnel for Android… check it out

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See what your Robot is seeing

With the MonoBrick Tunnel for Android it is possible to stream live video to the MonoBrick Remote while controlling your robot. The Tunnel works over both Wi-Fi and 3G. Now is your chance to build the ultimate spybot…

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Stream video to the MonoBrick Remote

A new version of the MonoBrick remote that let’s you stream video from the MonoBrick Android Tunnel has been released. Download it here

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