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Vote for MonoBrick at

Hi all With the latest release of the MonoBrick firmware support for two sensors from Mindsensors where added. Please make sure that you head over to their site and vote for MonoBrick to let them know that MonoBrick matters… Thanks

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New MonoBrick Firmware release

Hi all Version 1.2 of the Xamarin Studio Add-in (and firmware.dll) is now available. The some of the highlights from the new release are listed below. Added Mindsensors distance sensor example Added support for the Glide Wheel sensor from Mindsensor

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Version 1.1 of Xamarin Studio add-in has been released

Hi all Version 1.1 of the Xamarin Studio Add-in (and firmware.dll) is now available. The new version has the following highlights New LCD functions like DrawCircle, DrawCircleFilled and DrawEllipse (thanks to vlad Ruzov for his contribution) Added support for cancelling/hiding

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Xamarin Studio Add-in for MonoBrick firmware has been added

 The Xamarin Studio Add-in allows you to download and debug programs directly from Xamarin Studio IDE. The Add-in supports the latest MonoBrick firmware release and allows you to debug programs over a WiFi or USB connection. Please enjoy!

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New version of MonoBrick library with USB fix for Visual Studio

I just uploaded a new version of the MonoBrick communication library. The new version includes a fix for USB when compiling a EV3 program in Visual Studio.

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MonoBrick source code is now included in the download

The source code for MonoBrick is now available. When downloading the MonoBrick test project the source code is now included. This might help problems that some users have had when compiling with Visual Studio 2012 on Windows. MonoBrick can be

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New version of the MonoBrick communication library with supports for the EV3

A new version of the MonoBrick communication library has been uploaded. The new version supports the new EV3 brick. With the library you can remote control the brick from Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone and Android. The library supports

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MonoBrick now supports WiFi connection for the EV3 brick

The upcoming release for the EV3 brick now supports WiFi connection. Establishing a WiFi connection with the EV3 brick was much more cumbersome than expected so I decided to write a small guide on what I did to make it

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EV3 support is coming for MonoBrick

I finally got my hands on a EV3 set. It is so cool… The process of getting MonoBrick to support the new brick has begun. This weekend I got a working USB and Bluetooth connection for Mac OS. On Android

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MonoBrick Remote is now available for Android

The MonoBrick remote for android uses a Bluetooth connection and let’s you control the direction and speed of a vehicle by placing your finger on a circle. While driving you can make the phone “read” sensor values aloud. Furthermore the

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