The plotter can draw on a piece of paper. The pen is moved up and down using pneumatic which means that it can be placed tightly onto the paper without applying too much pressure. This solution however slows downs the writing process, as raising and lowering the pen is quit slow. The paper is firmly fixed between the two sets of wheels that can move the paper back and forth. The pen is moved by a motor placed on a rail. With the NXT servo motors the plotter can move very prices, and with some programming the plotter can draw almost anything. This sample program written in RobotC can draw squares and dots.

Building instructions

Below you will find building instructions for building the plotter. Click on the links and a pop-up window with the instructions will appear. Alternatively you can download the Ldraw-files using the download link. The building instructions where made with LDraw,MLCad,LPub and POV-Ray.


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