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Speaker at

We will be speaking about monobrick firmware at – Hope to see you there.

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From Zero to Hero. MonoBrick tutorial.


Hi A while ago Max Mustermann did a tutorial on programming the EV3 with C#. Even though it is curently availeble in German it is still worth a look. Hopefuly Max will get the time to translate it into english.

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Controlling a LEGO truck via a web browser.


Controlling a LEGO truck from a browser via a webserver running on the EV3. The EV3 is of course running MonoBrick firmware and a webserver written in C#…. /Anders

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Vote for MonoBrick at


Hi all With the latest release of the MonoBrick firmware support for two sensors from Mindsensors where added. Please make sure that you head over to their site and vote for MonoBrick to let them know that MonoBrick matters… Thanks

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New MonoBrick Firmware release


Hi all Version 1.2 of the Xamarin Studio Add-in (and firmware.dll) is now available. The some of the highlights from the new release are listed below. Added Mindsensors distance sensor example Added support for the Glide Wheel sensor from Mindsensor

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Tic Tac Toe Bot


Hi all. A while back Orlando over at the official Mindstorms community created an amazing project. A Tic Tac Toe playing robot that runs MonoBrick firmware. He even shared complete building instructions and his C# program. But be aware that

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Rubiks Cube Solver that runs on MonoBrick Firmware


Jacek Stępień did a very nice job of creating a Rubiks Cube Solver that runs on the MonoBrick Firmware. His design is based on the design. Check out the video below If you want to check out the C#

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Winner of Haunted House Building Challenge

One of the winners of the LEGO Mindstorms Haunted House building challenges used MonoBrick for programming his Robot. You can see a video of the robot here  and read more about the robot here. Congratulations to Max!  

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Version 1.1 of Xamarin Studio add-in has been released

Hi all Version 1.1 of the Xamarin Studio Add-in (and firmware.dll) is now available. The new version has the following highlights New LCD functions like DrawCircle, DrawCircleFilled and DrawEllipse (thanks to vlad Ruzov for his contribution) Added support for cancelling/hiding

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Hot Fix for MonoBrick firmware image available

A hot fix for the MonoBrick firmware image has been uploaded. With the hot fix it is now possible to check for online updates and view the information menu.

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