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MonoBrick Tunnel installer for Mac OS added

A Mac OS DMG installer has been added for the MonoBrick Tunnel can now be downloaded here

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MonoBrick C# library and MonoBrick remote 1.4 has been released

A new version of MonoBrick is now available. The remote now has a mailbox page that allows you to send and receive messages from the NXT’s mailbox. Messages can be send as either string or HEX values. From the remote you can

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MonoBrick Tunnel For Android Video

Just uploaded a video that demonstrates the use of the MonoBrick Tunnel for Android… check it out

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Stream video to the MonoBrick Remote

A new version of the MonoBrick remote that let’s you stream video from the MonoBrick Android Tunnel has been released. Download it here

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Added the C++ Library to the new website

The C++ library has been updated and added to the new website. The library now uses the MonoBrick Tunnel for network communication – download it here.

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