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Anders Søborg

Hi Bo

It seems you are able to (through the remote api) send commands directly to the sensors/motors and bypassing the brick CPU itself? Or I am mistaken?

When you send commands to EV3 the standard firwmare interpret the command and communicated with a set of low level “kernel” modules that controls the hardware (LCD, motor, sensors etc.). The firmware also takes care of sending the appropriate reply. When sending a command it is possible to “bypass” the running program. Say that your program has told the motor to run forward at speed 50 it is in fact possible afterwards to send a command to stop the motor without the running program knowing about it. This might give unexpected behaviour if you don’t know what you are doing.

Second question would be that do you have access to a Lego command specification, or you have reverse engineered all of that?

A LEGO command specification does not exist – but the source code for the EV3 firmware has some nice comments that will get you a long way. The source code is open source and can be downloaded at Github.

I hope this answers all your questions…


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