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Anders Søborg

Ok then you need to create your own PID controller. We will add one at some point since the profile as you mention makes it impossible to start at some speed. If you can not wait for this use the following PID code to get started (originally C++)

using System;

namespace MonoBrickFirmware.Movement
	class PID
		private float k1;
	    private float k2;
	    private float k3;
	    private float Kp;
	    private float Ki;
	    private float Kd;
	    private float Ts;
	    private float ek2;
	    private float ek1;
	    private float uk;
	    private float uk1;
	    private float max;
	    private float min;
	    private float maxChange;
	    private float minChange;
	    private bool maxMinChangeSet;
		private void update(){
	      k1 = Kp;
	      k2 = Kp*(Ts/Ki);
	      k3 = Kp*(Kd/Ts);
 	 	public PID(float P, float I, float D, float newSampleTime, float maxOut, float minOut, float maxChangePerSec = 0.0f, float minChangePerSec = 0.0f){
			Kp = P;
			Ki = I;
			Kd = D;
			Ts = newSampleTime;
			ek1 = 0;
			ek2 = 0;
			uk1 = 0;
			max = maxOut;
			min = minOut;
			if(maxChangePerSec != 0.0){
			  maxMinChangeSet = true;
			  maxChange = Ts * maxChangePerSec;
			  minChange = Ts * minChangePerSec;
			  maxMinChangeSet = false;
		public void setP(float P){
		 	 Kp = P;
		public void setI(float I){
		  	Ki = I;
		public void setD(float D){
		  	Kd = D;
		public void setMaxMin(float newMax, float newMin){
			max = newMax;
			min = newMin;
		public void setUk1(float newUk1){
		 	uk1 = newUk1; 
		public void setSampleTime(float time){
			Ts = time;
		public float output(float ek){
			uk = uk1 + k1 *(ek -ek1) + k2*ek +k3*(ek-2*ek1+ek2);
			if(uk > max){uk = max;}
			if(uk < min){uk = min;}
			  if( (uk-uk1) > maxChange){uk = uk1 + maxChange;}
			  if( (uk-uk1) < minChange){uk = uk1 + minChange;}
			uk1 = uk;
			ek2 = ek1;
			ek1 = ek;
			return uk;


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