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Anders Søborg

Hi Helmut

AOT is precompiled,
and instead it would be like JIT for leJOS ?


so if it was precompiled – there shoudn’t be any remarkable runtime differences – correct ?

Actually it is not as simple as that.

Not AOT compiled

If it is not AOT compiled then you would see a high performance penalty the first time you run the test, this is actually also the case in my tests. The 2nd time you run the test the code was been JIT compiled and it will execute as fast as possible. This is also what you can see from the results.

AOT compiled
If the code has been AOT compiled there is no need for JIT compiling the code and you will not get a performance penalty on the first run. However since it is pre-compiled it is not optimized in any way (compared to JIT compile), so that is why the second AOT run is slightly slower than the second run of the Non AOT run.

So the conclusion is that if you can live with a performance penalty the first time some code is executed then don’t bother AOT compiling the code otherwise AOT compile the code.

would you say this is correct ?

The table seems to be correct – but did you use AOT or JIT


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