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Anders Søborg

Hi there

Nice work. I would like to include this is the upcoming release. In our firwmare we use the following function to generate the wpa_supplicant_wep.conf file.

static void WriteWpaSupplicantConfiguration (string ssid, string password, bool useEncryption)
			string encryption;
				encryption = "WPA-PSK";
				encryption = "NONE";	             
			string[] lines = { 
				"#This file is auto generated by MonoBrick - will be overwritten at startup", 
				"# Pers", 
				"  ssid=\"" + ssid + "\"",
				"  key_mgmt="+encryption, 
				"  psk=\"" + password + "\"", 
				"  pairwise=CCMP TKIP",
				"  group=CCMP TKIP", 
      		System.IO.File.WriteAllLines(@WpaSupplicantFileName, lines);

You can find function in the firmware startup app found here. Would it be possible for you to extend/rewrite this function to support WEP and then test if it actually works?



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