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Hi everybody,

I’m a litte bit confused.. the new EV3 Colorsensor is not able to read RGB ? Why would LEGO do that?
I’ve tried this Code out of the new Tutorial from Max Mustermann, but with the EV3 Sensor it doesn’t work.
Red 0
Green 0
Blue 0
all the time.

using System;
using System.Threading;
using MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors;
using MonoBrickFirmware.Movement;
using MonoBrickFirmware.Display;
using MonoBrickFirmware.UserInput;

namespace farbsensor
    class farbsensor
        static void Main(string[] args)
            EV3ColorSensor farbsens = new EV3ColorSensor(SensorPort.In1);
            bool abfrage = true;
            string rotwert, gruenwert, blauwert;

            RGBColor RGBFarben = new RGBColor(0, 0, 0);
            ButtonEvents buts = new ButtonEvents();

            buts.EscapePressed += () => 
            { abfrage = false; };

            while (abfrage == true)
                rotwert = Convert.ToString(RGBFarben.Red);
                LcdConsole.WriteLine("Rot :" + rotwert);

                gruenwert = Convert.ToString(RGBFarben.Green);
                LcdConsole.WriteLine("Gruen :" + gruenwert);

                blauwert = Convert.ToString(RGBFarben.Blue);
                LcdConsole.WriteLine("Blau :" + blauwert);


I forgot
RGBFarben = farbsens.ReadRGBColor();
infront of the “while-loop”, but farbsens does not have the function ReadRGBColor(), how can i do it?

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