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Anders Søborg

Hi Helmut

A half side of text just for an equivalent to TextOut(10,24,”Hello World”) ?

No – this whole program is an example on how to use the LCD. I didn’t say it was an equivalent to a known NXC command.

Like the example shows start by creating a Rectangle and use the WriteTextBox function to write some text. One or two lines depending on how you write the code….

I have not tested this code but something along the lines of…

			Rectangle box = new Rectangle( new Point(0,0), new Point(20, 20));
			Lcd.Instance.WriteTextBox(Font.MediumFont, box, "Test");
			Lcd.Instance.WriteText(Font.MediumFont, new Point(0, 30), "Test2");

You can find more info in the MonoBrick firmware documentation


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