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Anders Søborg

Hi Helmut

I don’t understand a single word about “network socket connection” or “RNDIS or CDC device”.

It simply means that the USB connection is “seen” as a ethernet device that you can ping and connect to as you would to any other PC/device on your network. This has a lot of advantages. One of the obvious ones being that it does not matter whether you connect to the brick over a WiFi network or through a USB cable – the same code can be used.

That is why (for me at least) it does not make any sense to build it into the motor control commands like you suggest. Instead we will add support for a service that allows you to remote control the brick. Hopefully we can make it support some parts of the MonoBrick communication library – but we have not started looking at this yet…

So I think that the answer to your originally would be:

USB support: coming very soon
Daisy-chaining: might also be available with the USB support – but not in the form you posted. Instead you will have to establish a socket connection to communicate with the other brick.


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