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Anders Søborg

Hi Helmut

I will just answer your second question first..

USB to PC connection to transmit (upload) autonomous programs from PC to EV3 using Visual Studio?

Currently we are testing UBS connection with a new image and everything is working on both Windows and Mac OS. Also we had a contributor that did a very nice plugin for Xamarin Studio that allows you to upload and debug programs within the IDE. This has been tested to work with both WiFi and USB.

USB-daisy-chaining like as it is possible with the EV3-G environment for autonomous robots?

Since a USB will be tread as a Ethernet network I am sure this can be done quite easily by creating a “network socket connection” with the attached brick. I haven’t had the change to test this on the new image but I might look at it before we release the next version. But this has more to do with getting the brick to recognise a RNDIS or CDC device.

Hope this answers your questions


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