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Anders Søborg

Hi Antonio

Great video and a nice idea to use Skype to stream video to the PC…shared it on twitter…

Let me suggest that you delete that part of the guide, or make it clear that it is not necessary.

As far as I can tell it says on the top of the page: “This guide descries how to establish a WiFi connection with the EV3 LEGO Mindstorms brick using the standard firmware”. It does not mention anything about the MonoBrick Communication library. To determine how the to establish a connection with the EV3 using the standard firmware I created a Wireshark dump that shows how this is done by the software that comes with the EV3. This is what is show and described in details in the guide…

If I work in a Mac with xamarin / Mono, I can compile the code, BUT, the console program is generated as an .exe for windows. I haven’t found any way to compile it for mac os, even though the compiler is in a mac.

A exe file compiled for the .NET framework can run on many different operating systems using Mono. Mono is a open source implementation of the .NET framework. It runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even the EV3 (using the MonoBrick firmware). On Mac OS Simply open a terminal and type “mono someFile.exe” then the program will execute. From Xamarin studio it is also possible to run the program. You might need to make Xamarin open a terminal otherwise it the output will be show in the output window of the IDE.

I would suggest that the guides explain this issue very clear, again for us, amateur programmers 🙂

I have to draw the line at some point – and I don’t feel that my site should be a guide on how to use Xamarin studio/Mono there are plenty of other sites that already does that…

I have executed this .exe console program in a virtual machine in mac os (with windows 7 installed with Parallels 9). However, I received this failure to connnect message mentioned before. The firewall is deactivated, by the way.

Like I said something must be wrong with your network settings…

I don’t klnow what do you mean with “the library works in MAC”. It compiles, but does not generate a mac console.

Look at my answer above


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