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Jacek S

Thank You for your time. You are my last motivation to get this working:)

You have confirmed my conclusions. Even I change parameters ( I checked many combinations) i was able to increase reaction power, but i think the response was always delayed.

I’m newbie to lego mindstorms and I was thinking this will be easy excercise to port this program. I have 3 examples of working seagway bot for 3 diffrent enviroments. In all of them the calculations was the same (very similar). In two of them parameters are the same. I know is hard to make this very unstable system – stable, but my plan was to use working solutions with alghorithms that are ready to use.
I have spent a lot of time to analyze all the magic but this not working as expected.

Now I’m very determined to get this working. In the next week I will record all parameters to file, and create some plots.

Best Regards

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