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Jacek S

I did some initial test of my gyro boy.
And I encountered some problems.
First and least important is gyro sensor only works in port1.
Second is that I don’t know how to use motor methods to simulate “unregulated motor” block.
SetPower do not start motor, and I was using sequence motor.On(0) and motor.SetPower(power).
I’m not sure is equivalent. After that the motor start rotating, but when i set it to off and quit program,
then start program again motors starting after new Motor(…) constructor,
before i set them to on. I don’t know how to avoid this.
The next thing is that the gyro sensor doesn’t have “rate and angle” mode
I have read that swithching to this mode is used to remove drift effect.
Last thing. Please confirm getTacho from motor is angle in degrees.


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