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Jacek S

Hi Martin,
I’m interested in writing GyroBoy program too. Now I’m only waiting for my wifi dongle.
I have read your post, and I think there are simplest approaches to do this program.
Maybe I’m wrong, but you are trying to think like in real-time os, but this is linux it is not real time.
You can’t specify timers and expect results in desired time. My approach is to think that is lego toy
not high precision robot. Program needs some simplifications, thread prioritization and other advanced thread managment functions are not needed.
Oryginal program is not ideal, I have found some bugs and glitches.

I don’t analyze all the tricky gyro stuff from oryginal program yet, but i have some initial
plan for my program:
– tasks with infinite loops for sensor sampling. Idle time (sleep) will determine sample rate.
– main thread with task handling loop
– priority queue for message handling.

I think I accomplish project in two weeks, then will share results/program with monobrick community.
Sorry for my poor english.


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