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Anders Søborg

Hi Matt

Thanks for visiting my site….

if there is some Monobrick-like API for java?

I don’t know to be honest – but I think the best place to ask this question is at the LeJOS forum/site!

Do you have some documentation about the underlying TCP protocol that is
used my the native EV3 firmware? I.e. what are the TCP packet / stream
contents and their respective replies. Is it String-based or byte-based?

It is byte-based. I think the past place to start is to look at the source
code of the standard EV3 firmware. It has some documentation that is very
usefull. You can find it here. Also you might have a look at the source code for MonoBrick.

What are the limitations to the commands sent to and received from the EV3
via TCP using the native firmware?

To many to list here – have a look at the source code.

Designing the Monobrick firmware on the EV3, have you added any TCP oder UDP
based protocol that would allow for an extended control of the EV3?

No – but I have added some extension that allows to send tunnel specific
commands. I think that the mailbox system is what you might be thinking off.
This allows you to send custom data back and forth between the PC and EV3.
However with MonoBrick you can only send custom data. It is nothing that
can’t be fixed but I haven’t yet had the time to fix it.


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