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    Shany Carle

    Is it possible to rename an EV3 brick using MonoBrick? In the documentation, I saw the propertie DeviceInfo that seems to be a Getter and only for the NXT.

    It’s important because we have 25 bricks named EV3 in a classroom. it will be a bluetooth coupling mess and I don’t want my students to install the Lego application only to change a brick name!

    BTW, is it possible to add a search feature for this forum?

    We were using Mindsqualls librairie for the last years, we just switch to MonoBrick, looks very promising!!



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    joshua garner

    That was I also thought, however rebranding or renaming some attributes may be a hard task. Anyway, you can ask expert advice from here so you have more strong understanding when changing its name.

    “see me at

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    I’m pretty sure that you can do that in the EV3 settings directly on the brick.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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