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    The EV3 connected with WiFi to PC.
    An error sometimes occurs while reading the value of the sensor.
    How do I solve this problem.

    Below Message is Debug Output.

    Located: MonoBrick.NetworkConnection`2.Receive() file Network.cs:Line 55
    Located: MonoBrick.Connection`2.SendAndReceive(TBrickCommand command) Fileconnection.cs:Line 76
    Located: MonoBrick.EV3.Sensor.ReadSi() File EV3\Sensor.cs:Line 477
    Located: MonoBrick.EV3.TouchSensor.ReadAsString() File EV3\Sensor.cs:File 625
    ERR:Error reading Brick reply

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    Anders Søborg

    Hi there

    I don’t think that you have a proper connection to the brick. You are using a network connection – you write that it happens sometimes – but is there some kind of a pattern?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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