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    Lars Gardien

    Hi Anders,

    Last semester I had the assignment to participate in the First Lego League using your firmware. I noticed there was only little support for sensors. I’ve added the same polling features that were already present in the buttonevent classes to the sensor classes. I also added a possible implementation of these sensors to the vehicle class. A few more changes were made to the QueueThread to make it a little more thread-safe, i’m still not to sure though.

    These changes were only implemented for the EV3 sensors, because that’s all i had to use. The only thing currently not working is the EV3TouchSensor, because i had to cheapfix it, you’ll see…

    Just have a look if you’re interested, but don’t feel obligated.

    Thanks for your time,

    Lars Gardien

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    Anders Søborg
    Key Master

    Hi Lars

    Sounds exciting – please use a pull request from Github. This makes it much easier… looking forward to ypur suggestions.


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    Lars Gardien

    Hey Anders,

    I’d love to do a pull request, problem is I don’t think it’s ready for deployment. I can do a pull request for the improved QueueThread. But the sensorpolling and its propertyChanged events only work on all classes that derive from the UARTSensor Class, which isn’t exactly what I’d call proper.

    Furthermore, I haven’t got an EV3 at my disposal anymore, so I can’t test my code…

    Lars Gardien

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