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    Kristofer Jaxne

    I have recently created a bootable SD card with the 4 GB version firmware.
    I read here that one can copy compiled files to SD card app folder. (I can’t find any apps folder but it will be /apps on EXT3 partition, right?)
    To be able to access EXT3 partitions in OS X (I run 10.7.5) I have installed Mac Fuse and fuse-ext2. Bu default the settings for fuse-ext2 automount in read only and when connecting the SD card I can access the files on ext partition. The problem occur when I change settings for fuse-ext2 to mount in read/write. Then the ext partition wont mount at all. The Fat partition mount as it should, but not the ext. In Disk Utility and under /Volumes there is no partition symbol for this partition, instead it is a folder with access denied symbol: Finder folder access denied
    If I change permissions for the folder in /Volumes it only becomes a empty folder. How should I solve this problem? The imagefile was downloaded a couple of weeks ago so it’s not the latest version I think.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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