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    Shubhankar Singh

    Hey Anders or anyone who is willing to help…

    My questions is not about the communication library itself but instead about how you go about in order to add this to visual studio.

    I am fairly new to this and have started visual studio only a while back so my questions are as follows. I would be very grateful if anyone would take the time to answer. Also some good links to a guide to do this would also work.

    1. How do I add this third party “library” to Visual Studio 2013?

    2. Can I eventually modify the basic control programs to:
    Control the EV3 with a conventional joystick and have the ability to fine tune settings. (that is what I have set out to do)

    Any help would be gladly welcomed as I am so new to this exiting hobby!!!

    Many thanks, Shubhankar Singh

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    Anders Søborg


    Thanks for trying the library

    Use the test project this has included the source files from the library…

    To add a library to Visual Studio 2010 try following this guide


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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