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    im stuck, i was trying to connect to my ev3 for a whole day yesterday and now, today it worked after a lot of coffee.
    So, connecting my ev3 like in this guide was possible. maybe im just blind or stuck. i saw a video where someone is using the mindstorms ev3 home tool to write a program to show a message on the display. i made such a small program. Now i would like to send a variable to my ev3. on which side do i need the com lib?

    can someone give me a little start on what to do on the ev3 (simple demo, using text on screen) and on my pc/device side (send message with a button press or text field or commandline whatever). im stuck, my brain stopped working and i feel dumb.

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    I think that you are mixing Monobrick firmware and Monobrick communication library. Monobrick firmware is for running C# on the EV3. While the communication library is for running a C# program on a PC/Mac that sends commands to the EV3.

    this made many things clear to me. im still stuck.
    Maybe i will have to start from scratch.

    –> I would like to make a small Unity3D app (.Net 2) on my PC in which i can press a button to move a motor connected to my EV3. Should i use the firmware or com.lib?


    I am new in Monobrick. I came here thinking about the same issue. Did you find any example that I could run to get started and getting to know how it works? I want to create a game that uses data that an explorer robot is sending to the game.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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