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    Tom DE WEYER

    Hey all,

    Im having troubles with a simple task. I need to send some integers from the pc (monobrick) to the nxt with robotc.
    But i cannot get the data correct. Controlling the motors works and sending data is received on the robot.

    The code on mono is this
    brick.Mailbox.Send( “10 10 1”,Box.Box0, true);

    and in robotc i do the following:

    nSizeOfMessage = cCmdMessageGetSize(kQueueID);
    nBTCmdRdErrorStatus = cCmdMessageRead(nRcvBuffer, nSizeOfMessage);
    nxtDisplayTextLine(0, “bericht:%s”, nRcvBuffer);

    Did anyone tried to do the same?


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    Anders Søborg

    Hi Tom

    No sorry I have not tried that. But it must be possible to see the raw data on both sides and compare the two…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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