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    Hi all,

    We’re working on a college project with the EV3 and the MonoBrick environment. So far we managed to run our own projects from the SD card.

    The next step was to transfer the programs via WiFi, so we bought the EDIMAX WiFi dongle and afterwards we managed to connect with our network. On the EV3 the connection seems to be working, because we can search for updates from the EV3 and we can ping it from our computers.

    When we tried the recommended WinSCP with the following settings (Protocol: SFTP*, IP: <EV3IP>, Port: “22”, username: “root”, password: <empty>), we couldn’t connect to the EV3 Brick. (tried on Windows 8.1 and OSX 10.9) We also experimented with several router settings: SSID <on>, WPA2 <on|off> and several different SSID names and several passwords

    *Even tried several other protocols (FTP, SFTP), different port settings (21, 22, 12345) and standard root passwords (admin, password, 12345, root)

    We still couldn’t connect via WiFi to the brick. Maybe someone has an idea and can help us out.

    Thanks in advance


    This is a very cool project and we like to experiment with it and we’re very excited about future releases.

    Best Regards from Austria

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    Anders Søborg


    Sound interesting what you are doing. What are you building?

    Anyway in the programming guide it says

    Create a SCP connection from WinSCP

    And there is a screenshot is that what you did?



    Hi Anders,

    we solved it, you were right, we somehow haven’t tried to use the SCP protocol. Thanks a lot for the fast and good support. 🙂

    Our project is about creating a robot in an free to chose development environment incl. framework to battle with other robots in an chosen arena. In the arena there can be up to 6 robots, some are allies, other are enemies. We had to chose a development environment on our own and we selected the Monobrick project, because we think it is a very stable and nice to use framework. At this point, thanks again.

    Best regards from Austria

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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