Cannot create I2CSensor for MPU6050 (Gyro + Acc)

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    Philip Juhl


    Im trying to create an I2CSensor for a MPU6050 sensor.

    I have a Scope connected so I can see the communication (SDA and SCL) between the EV3 and the MPU6050.

    When I run my program I can see 3 readings on the scope when I call the Initialise function from the base class (I2CSensor). I dont understand what these readings are for!

    When I call ReadReg() nothing happens on SDA and SCL.

    Heres the code:

    public class GyroSensor : I2CSensor
    public GyroSensor(SensorPort port, byte address)
    : base(port, address, I2CMode.LowSpeed9V)

    public byte[] ReadReg(byte register, byte length)
    return base.ReadRegister(register, length);

    public override string ReadAsString()
    throw new NotImplementedException();

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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