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Martin Knudsen

ok, great.

So I got the code from
running on the EV3 (with the monobrick firmware).

It works (from xamarin studio it refuses to deploy this project on the project, citing some strange build error (but it does build a .exe)), and I copied this .exe and .dll to the brick with winSCP and it works) and I can connect to the webserver running on the ev3 (I made a simple index.html) from a webbrowser running on my pc (of course via port 8080) with the EDIMAX wifi.

That’s great!

But just to know if I am on the right track with my project:
I want to now build a simple webpage with controls now (using just html and javascript), which will then enable
users via the pc browser to issue simple commands to the ev3 brick.

Is this possible?
I am wondering to call methods from the MonoBrickFirmware library from javascript code?

Or should should I just be using HTTP post/get in a form in the .html and then have a callback method on the brick in the c# program to handle the post/get and then I can call the MonoBrickFirmware from that callback method? (and how to setup this callback method on the EV3?)

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