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Helmut Wunder

how much non-volatile memory for code + stored data is available by Mono on the EV3?

As just a user reported, on the original Lego flash only 5M are free, same 5M non-volaitle memory are free for excutables compiled by gpp C and CSLite toolcahins – the rest is used for OS and VM.
If Mono is booting by a SD card (e.g. 4GB or 16GB): how much memory is free for variables or program code over all at most?

BTW 2:
the fixed leJOS benchmark has been published, but for the fixed adapted benchmarks the runtimes haven’t changed so much.

Updated Mono benchmarks would be very much appreciated though! 🙂

BTW 3:
Another new programming language has appeared on the horizon: EV3-Basic, made just for kids and beginners, targeting the Lego lms2012 VM by MS Small Basic and homebrewed DLLs for autonomous and remote programs:

share and enjoy!

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