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Helmut Wunder

a recent note:
a bug has been reported to the float_math benchmark where NANs have been generated, so an additional line
has been added at the end.

so the updated procedure would be supposed to look as follows:

// updated sub-test for HaWeBench 1.9.0 C#/Mono

static void TestFloatMath() {
         double s = 3.141592;
         int y;

         for (y = 0; y < 5000; ++y) {
            s *= Math.Sqrt(s);   // <<<<< no issue any longer      
            s = Math.Sin(s);
            s *= Math.Cos(10.5 * s);
            s = Math.Sqrt(s);   //  <<< hopefully no additional issue now :-/ 
            s = Math.Exp(s);
            s *= s;             //  <<<<<<<<<<<<< new line !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         //return s;

On some platforms the new benchmarks (1.0.9) already have been updated by minor changes, RobotC, C#, and leJOS still pending yet.

thanks for your interest,
kind regards,

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