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Vlad Ruzov

I`m not sure that drawing functions are needed on the LegoBrick but I have done its for complete HW brickbench test.
Not so far Anders merged LcdDraw to the firmware and today Ifinally had the time for finish the test.
I hope that Helmut will looking into this message and will update results table on his site.

The full test source can be found here:

The application can be builded in Xamarin studio 5.5.3 with MonoBrick firmware Add-In.
If you will try to open this project in Visual Studio you will catch unsupported format error. Probably this issue caused by using of Xamarin Add-In.

Below the timing (in milliseconds) of steps that was missing in the previous C# test release:
Display_text test (5 loops): 395, 242, 268, 259, 262
Graphics test (5 loops): 475, 180, 182, 172, 199

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