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Max Headroom

Hi guys.

Have been struggling to get bitmap reading/display to work. I have gone through the LcdExample project line by line and I cannot get my own custom bitmap images to be read and displayed. I have even tried exporting my bitmaps as raw files and removing the bitmap header from existing bitmaps. I am trying to load a 1bit monochrome BMP to display as part of the UI on my project. I use Visual Studio as my IDE and I have compiled my bitmaps/bins into the exe using ‘Add Existing Item’ and setting resource property to ‘Embedded Resource’.

– Anders would you mind posting details of how you created the monologo.bin file included with the example? What am I missing from the creation of my bitmaps?

– Why do you include your bitmap data as a .bin? Would it not make sense to use .bmp?

– I also tried using the .net System.Drawing.Bitmap class to load the bitmap and then pass it to your MonoBrick Bitmap class for display but this didn’t work either. Is there a way to do this?

– Why does the Bitmap constructor take a uint array rather than a byte array?

– Why does the ‘LcdExample.csproj’ file contain the following:

52   <ItemGroup> 
53     <Folder Include="Resources\" /> 
54   </ItemGroup> 

When I use VS to embed the resources (which are stored in the Resources\ folder), this line is not generated.

Sorry for all the questions, but handling bitmaps is a major part of the planned UI for our current project and I’m at a complete loss.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I would be happy to use non embedded bitmaps but I can’t load these either. Can’t see any way to load bitmaps without using ‘FromResource’.

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