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Roy Toren

The PID works alot better with the testing I have done.
I have configured it like this:
PositionPID PID = new PositionPID(motor, 360, true, 50, P, I, D, 50);

I left the P I and D the same as in the PID example since I don’t really know what they do, i guess 360 is a complete circle of the engine since it keeps coming back.
I also need the engine to go in reverse(with the engine) in PID, is there anyway I can do that?

As for the speed profile, I used it and it is probably the backlash, due to the fact that the engine is turning a cube so there is alot of friction and power involved.
The speed profile does work, but the second it starts to make an error it does not fix it unlike what i have seen until now with the PID

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