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Helmut Wunder

sorry Anders, I should have made this issue more clear:
I (and people I know) don’t need the full potential of the .Net framework.

We only want to program autonomous robots which are playing games (e.g., chess or cube solvers), or find ther way through labyrinths or even detect patterns by neural nets – and maybe have a USB connection to a 2nd or a 3rd brick for daisy-chaining.

For the EV3 I’ll never have the intention to access websites, send emails, and even make the robot post to Facebook – I even would never (!!) use .Net framework and/or Visual Studio if I ever tried to do that on my PC (and also no one else I know personally).
So we also never would use monster IDEs like Visual Studio or Eclipse for either purpose (and Xamarin actually looks very similar).

So as any PC or Website programming (or even other targeted platforms) of Visual Studio to us are just useless confusing ballast which obscures the view to sensor and motor and EV3 system API functions, we just needed 1 single file to be compiled and uploaded to the Lego brick by a simple stripped IDE.

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