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Vlad Ruzov

Hello Helmut,
Thank you for interest in my work.

1) I have added Copyright rules to the source code and have pushed changes to the GitHub repositories.

2) I have closed access to the google docs results table referenced above but I have no possibility to change previous post.

3) You can download compressed zip folder with sources here:

Program.cs and RandM.cs are text files with C# code but all others files are needed for build solution.

3) The test was performed in a loop for show a difference between first and others runtimes.
The feature of Mono C# is that exe-file have no compilied executable code but have so-called P-Code which converted to machine-dependent code on the first call.
So the first run of any procedure or function takes longer runtime than the following.

4) The current version of MonoBrick EV3 firmware have no some graphical functions like circle and filled ellipse so I did not make the graphics tests.

5) Please indicate where the requirements, specifications or clarification for tests and data at clauses 3, 10-21 can be found.

I would like also to pay attention that RobotC HW brickbench test runned on my EV3 brick has better results than those that are published on your site.
But at any case, the MonoBrick C# performance about 50 times higher than the RobotC performance.

Regards, Vlad.

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