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Helmut Wunder

please stop your OT posting, this is not the topic of my thread – or are you just trolling?

Being an admin (and a moderator of the Mindstorms forum, all over since > 8 years) should say: I know what people need and what they are asking for, I know almost each one of the thousands of posts and questions and issues.

I already pointed out:
IMO already the comparatively immensely small number of Mono users and the extremely small number of forum posts which are separated in time very far, shows that access to C#/Mono for most people is too difficult and deters and discourages.

If the target group for C#/Mono is supposed to be kept small just for computer scientists who are already fine with using Eclipse or VS, then it’s ok of course, but if it’s supposed to be targeted to the formerly really huge group of NXC users (which was the largest NXT-text-based programming group world-wide) then both C#/Mono and the related API and IDEs have to be simplified a lot.

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