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Zoltan Szilagyi

Hi, Helmut and Max:

Thanks for your feedbacks. It seems there are several tools to HANDLE EV3 brick (upload files, get screenshots, play music, etc.), but I’d like to PROGRAM my EV3! Let me summarize my understanding and experience:

JAVA: I have read (also elsewhere) that Java is very complicated to use, and on the other hand the childish sample programs haven’t convinced me either about that it would be the right choice.
BRICXCC: Originally developed for RCX and NXT bricks. In case of EV3 the programming possibilities are limited.
MONOBRICK: This is an attractive approach, guides are pretty much straightforward, not to mention this very forum. But I have already tried two versions of Xamarin Studio (v4.2 back in March and v5.0 recently) and although the installation completed successfully (at least it said that) Xamarin Studio simply didn’t start (in case of both versions just the annoying message appeared: Xamarin Studio encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.). I use XP SP3, Hungarian version. Have I failed to install any prerequisite software/plugin/whatever? Could you comment this phenomenon, please!

Best regards,

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