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Zoltan Szilagyi

Hi, Helmut:

I am glad to hear about BricxCC for NXT/RCX because I just tried that last week. I am also looking for a simple tool to program EV3. Probably you are aware of that BricxCC can be used for EV3 as well. Unfortunately I was not able compile the simplest program with that. The installation is a bit tricky, maybe something went wrong during its installation. BricxCC could communicate with EV3 via USB connection, but for example the color coding did not appeared in the editor and the compiler did not give any informative error message, and I am stuck again.

About two months ago I tried to install leJOS on an SD card. The installation was not the simplest thing but then I liked the smooth wifi connection with my PC. I did not have time to try the programming itself, then I got excited about the simple-looking BricxCC.

What do you think? What would you recommend? Where do you expect the desired simple IDE? I have even thought of BUYING RobotC, but I realized in time that its development for EV3 support is far from being completed. Anyway, my feelings are similar to yours towards Apple products, but I think Linux is a great thing (do not forget Kindle and EV3 are based on that).

Best regards,

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