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Helmut Wunder

Hi Anders,
for emails you might be right – but I don’t want to send emails, I need quick and straight lcd_out and motor control and sensor reading and calculations about all that without all this new instantiation of classes and objects thing even for every single pure variable in deprivation of simple and straight (global) functions and procedures.
(But I’m sure a C header file can be written which only had to be #included and even emails would be fine for C.)

Instead of your code

Rectangle box = new Rectangle( new Point(0,0), new Point(20, 20));
Lcd.Instance.WriteTextBox(Font.MediumFont, box, "Test");
Lcd.Instance.WriteText(Font.MediumFont, new Point(0, 30), "Test2");

I would code


I even could write my simple “write text into a box” function:

void textinbox (int b1,int b2,int b3,int b4, int t1, int t2, string msg) {
  printfxy(b1+t1,b2+t2, msg);

textinbox (0,0,20,20, 0,30, "Test");// w/o that probably 20kb C# OOP code overhead

I guess my brain is actually thinking in C-like or Pascal-like procedural patterns, and using them I’m able to do quite complex things (AI, self-training neural nets, chess egine programming and this kind of stuff). I’m quite sure I won’t understand this knotty objecturalization any more, and the overcomplicated IDEs are an obstruction on a quite different addditional level which is not my world.
IMO Mono and C# and it’s environments is unfortunately more for professional programmers, not for simple leisure time home programmers- what they needed would be more like NXC or even “Turbo-Pascal for MSDOS” level. OOP is really weird to me. I think I’ll resign, the earlier the better.

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