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Helmut Wunder

what I need to have and to do is simply what BCC is featuring and providing for NXT and EV3, just:

- start the IDE with editor window

- include all existing “uses” all at once (not type the entire Encyclopedia Britannica each time at the start)
- – or: load an existing program file into the editor (via browser or recent files)

- connect to brick (e.g., F3 by USB)

- write or change my program code

- fix error issues if needed (e.g., F1 for context-sensitive help)

- save as… (filename) to my code directory
- – if a different version is to be saved intermediately:
- – just again save as… (e.g. other filename to either directory)

- compile to an exe file (e.g., F5)

- upload it to the EV3 (e.g., F6)

- run the program on EV3.

Just that easy….

As BCC is perfect for Mindstorms programming and BCC already can connect to EV3/Linux and it’s settings allow to target gpp CSLite it possibly might be an option to patch those settings to match to Mono/C# instead… :?:
Or maybe there is already a similar simple IDE for Mono :?:

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