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Antonio Prieto

Hi Anders,

good news, I got it to work BUT in a windows machine. I compiles it in mac, and made it run in a pc with w7. Let me sum up all the things here, and why I am using a VM.

1) What do I mean with “I have established a tcp/ip connection with the brick.”?
In this guide:, After connecting, it is said that you must establish that TCP connection so I did it with wireshark and packetsender (Mac). That was before I reviewed your code of the library and realized that the library did it automatically :s

Let me suggest that you delete that part of the guide, or make it clear that it is not necessary.

2) If I work in a Mac with xamarin / Mono, I can compile the code, BUT, the console program is generated as an .exe for windows. I haven’t found any way to compile it for mac os, even though the compiler is in a mac.

This is very confusing, and if this mac console cannot be generated, I would suggest that the guides explain this issue very clear, again for us, amateur programmers :).

3) I have executed this .exe console program in a virtual machine in mac os (with windows 7 installed with Parallels 9). However, I received this failure to connnect message mentioned before. The firewall is deactivated, by the way.

4) Exactly the same .exe program, I copy it to a windows 7 machine, and it works perfectly!!!

I hope this helps. I don’t klnow what do you mean with “the library works in MAC”. It compiles, but does not generate a mac console.

Thanks again for the help. great work.

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