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Zoltan Szilagyi

Hi Anders:

Thanks for your reply. I am a bit disappointed because of the low activity that my post has triggered. I am a kind of amateur programmer: in PhD work I wrote a command line application in Pascal for the simulation of a physical phenomenon, and now I am involved in a molecular biology research group’s activity where my colleagues are happy to use my text manipulation scripts written in Python. This is why I prefer Python.

I tried to play with PTVS but I haven’t got much success. I could open a new project, the desired interpreter (IronPython) was selected and the MonoBrickFirmware DLL file was “referenced” in the project so I can see its “content”, but I was not able to write the simplest code that works on EV3. I am not really familiar with object oriented languages, but I believe the simplest working example would be a great help for me. Where I have been able to get can be seen here:

Once again: the most useful help would be a simple IronPython example written for EV3. Beyond that I still expect some help in the following matters:
– compilation of the program
– transfer the compiled program (via wifi connection with WinSCP, or directly from VS upon compilation)
– debugging possibilities

Trying PTVS is very easy for everyone, since its components can be downloaded for free:

Thanks anyone for the kick-off in this approach, in advance.

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