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Martin Wagner

Hi Anders, hi Lars,

I dared to create a fork in the GitHub and could connect with my VisualStudio 2013 Express. Then I managed to extract code fragments from my confused SVN and could reconstruct my code. I made three commits and added both of you as contributers (necessary?). I hope you don’t mind my usage of the logo, I thought this improves corporate identity ;-). Lcd and Buttons are implemented via a HardwareAbstractionLayer, Led not yet. The HAL uses a conditional compiler symbol (Ev3Simu) in MonoBrickFirmware to separate the code regions, configurations switch between the implementations (Debug = Simu, Release = Original). As far as I know, Simu will require VisualStudio, since the GUI is based on Windows-Presentation-Foundation. Oh, Gui and TestProg are in VB.Net, since I am used to it. It still takes me so much longer to write the same ideas in C#. Maybe I’ll port it to C#, when I am more used to it. I tried to minimize the impact on the original code and come up with a HAL, that can be maintained with reasonable effort. Sensors and motors would get their HAL representations and WPF representatives in the future, too.

What do you think of the SW concept and the result? Worthwile to go on? Do you like the result so far?

Eagerly awaiting your feedback,

P.S.: Please don’t look at the TestProg, it’s just to get something on the screen.

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