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Martin Wagner

Hi Lars,
playing around with it, I realized that it is much better to keep separate instances of “Lcd”, since each instance can be a separate desktop for a thread or functional block. It’s just that you can’t mix “Lcd” and “Console”.

To illustrate this for others, I attach some lines and pictures.

Dim Screen1 As New Lcd
Dim Screen2 As New Lcd
KeyScreen = New Lcd
=> SimuClear

Screen1.WriteText(Font.SmallFont, New Point(0, 0), “Hello from screen 1”, True)
=> SimuScreen1

For i = 1 To 15
LcdConsole.WriteLine(“Text{0} from WriteLine”, i)
=> SimuWriteLine

Screen2.WriteText(Font.SmallFont, New Point(0, 20), “Hello from screen 2”, True)
=> SimuScreen2

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