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Martin Wagner

It’s just too late in the night.
I am wrong, e.g. see, section examples. And, yes it must be a BlackWhite bitmap.
It’s just converted to colors for the export.

I still don’t get the byte array converted to an image, but at least this works:
Dim p As String = “C:\Users\Martin\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\MonoBrick\Ev3Simu\TestProg”
Dim ml As New Lcd
ml.WriteText(Font.SmallFont, New Point(10, 10), “I am on the screen”, True)
LcdConsole.WriteLine(“Not visible”)

Although LcdConsole.Writeline does not work, it seems to write to a different instance of lcd.
private class ConsoleWriter
Lcd lcd = new Lcd();
Font f = Font.SmallFont;
Or is it not allowed to mix lcd and LcdConsole?

Good night,

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