MonoBrick EV3 Firmware
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MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor:
MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.ISensor MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.EV3TouchSensor MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.HiTecGyroSensor MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.NXTColorSensor MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.NXTLightSensor MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.NXTSoundSensor MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.NXTTouchSensor

Public Member Functions

 AnalogSensor (SensorPort port)
abstract string ReadAsString ()
 Reads the sensor value as a string. More...
abstract void SelectNextMode ()
 Selects the next mode. More...
abstract string GetSensorName ()
 Gets the name of the sensor. More...
abstract void SelectPreviousMode ()
 Selects the previous mode. More...
abstract int NumberOfModes ()
 Numbers the of modes. More...
abstract string SelectedMode ()
 .m.-, More...

Protected Member Functions

void SetMode (AnalogMode mode)
Int16 ReadPin1AsPct ()
int ReadPin6AsPct ()
int ReadPin1As10Bit ()
 Reads the value of pin 1 converted to 10 bit More...
int ReadPin1 ()
int ReadPin5 ()
int ReadPin6 ()
byte[] ReadBytes (int offset, int length)

Protected Attributes

const int ADCResolution = 4095
const int NumberOfSensorPorts = SensorManager.NumberOfSensorPorts
SensorPort port


AnalogMode AnalogMode [get, set]
SensorPort Port [get]
- Properties inherited from MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.ISensor
SensorPort Port [get]
 Sensor port More...

Member Function Documentation

abstract string MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor.GetSensorName ( )
pure virtual
abstract int MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor.NumberOfModes ( )
pure virtual
abstract string MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor.ReadAsString ( )
pure virtual
int MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor.ReadPin1As10Bit ( )

Reads the value of pin 1 converted to 10 bit

The raw value
abstract string MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor.SelectedMode ( )
pure virtual
abstract void MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor.SelectNextMode ( )
pure virtual
abstract void MonoBrickFirmware.Sensors.AnalogSensor.SelectPreviousMode ( )
pure virtual

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